Wholesale Trustee for Hire

Our solutions provide the fiduciary oversight that’s crucial to the launch and ongoing management of your fund

When you’re investing in assets and want to set-up an unregistered managed investment funds or a holding structure, you need a trusted partner to provide the fiduciary oversight that’s crucial to the launch and ongoing management of your fund. To safeguard your investment – and to get your fund in place with maximum efficiency — you need a Wholesale Trustee offering which brings:

Proven Experience: In delivering complex transactions IXT solutions offers you peace of mind — our solutions have a proven track record of establishing and running funds. This includes managing regulatory capital requirements, licences and insurances, providing a robust risk and compliance management framework and keeping up-to-date with changing regulation.

Speed to Market: Launching on schedule, on budget and with the right market timing can make all the difference to return on investments and performance. Our on-the-ground expertise and our established relationships with all the key market participants helps ensure your transaction is delivered on time.

Managing Multiple Parties: By your side at set-up and over the long-term, IXT is partnered with teams who collaborate to ensure smooth processes amongst multiple external parties and your investment management team.

Comprehensive Capabilities Under One Roof:

  • Holds the necessary licences, authorisations and complies with ASIC and other legal requirements.
  • Has the ability and experience to act as a Managed Investment Trust (MIT) and Attribution Managed Investment Trust (AMIT) Trustee.
  • Provides the drafting and issuing of offer documents, compliance plans, deeds and risk frameworks.
  • Assists the fund manager by executing lender documentation as the owner of record of assets securing borrowings.
  • Makes payments as requested by the fund manager and enhances investor confidence by controlling the bank accounts.
  • Provides a robust compliance framework independent of the fund manager.