Responsible Entity for Hire

Addressing efficiencies in order to refocus your efforts on achieving the outcome you promised investors

IXT through it’s service solutions entities can act as a responsible entity for hire for registered funds, also known as RE for Hire. As responsible entity or RE for Hire, paired with the right software enables service solution, includes registration of the Fund and its constitution, establishment and registration of the Compliance Plan, complaints resolution scheme membership, approval of disclosure documents, appointment of service providers, monitoring of management of the Fund in accordance with the constitution, fulfilment of regulatory and legislative requirements.

Our solutions provide strategic guidance on structures and locations and can establish the fund efficiently and effectively through our robust service model, which harnesses our legal and compliance resources. Our RE for Hire solutions also leverage off our existing corporate relationships to create operational efficiencies and work proactively with investment managers and external service providers to ensure a smooth set-up and on-going operation of the fund.

A fundamental part of an Responsible Entity (RE for Hire) is to be responsible for the on-going operation and oversight of the fund. This means robust monitoring and compliance measures and a risk aware culture among employees. An Independent Compliance Committee ensures the highest standards of compliance methodologies and practices are in place.

Our solutions incorporate the following:

  • Preparation of the scheme constitution
  • Registration of the scheme with ASIC and/or ASX
  • Issue of disclosure documents
  • Establishing the compliance plan and monitoring against regulatory and legislative requirements
  • Appointment and monitoring of external service providers including Custodian, Administrator, Investment Manager and Tax Adviser
  • Lodgements of all regulatory reporting Governance of the framework around schemes, including establishment of a Compliance Committee and ongoing reporting to the Compliance Committee as required by the Corporations Act
  • Establishment of a member complaints resolution process
  • Appointment of scheme and compliance plan auditors and co-ordination of external scheme and compliance audits.