Alternative Investments

Master alternative investment funds in this challenging market

Managing alternative investment funds demands exceptional dexterity, timely and informed decisions, faultless execution and stringent compliance with complex regulations. IXT’s solutions consist of a unique combination of technology, services and expertise that gives you the support you need to master this challenging market.

Support for all fund types: Our solutions provide end-to-end reliable technology and operations to market the following participants in Australia:

  • Hedge funds (on- and offshore)
  • Funds of funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Fractional funds
  • Crypto-currency funds
  • Venture Capital funds
  • Media and Entertainment Funds
  • Real estate funds
  • Family offices

Profound Proficiency: Benefit from the knowledge and experience of financial and accounting professionals, system engineers, legal and compliance experts, professional services and technical support teams. We understand complex fund strategies and structures, and we are familiar with the minutiae of regulation across the Australian jurisdiction and it’s ever-increasing regulatory regime.

Full fund administration and operations outsourcing: In addition to our comprehensive technology and services capabilities, we are home to the Australia’s only 100% online, straight through processing fund administrator, FUND.ID.